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FBRA Tcode in SAP: Reverse a Clearing Document

Hi Everyone! Previously I published one article on the reversal process in SAP. I also explained that there are 2 types of reversal processes that SAP offers. One is via FB08, for which I shared the complete tutorial on how to reverse an accounting document using tcode FB08. The other reversal process is to reverse a clearing document using FBRA tcode in SAP.

There is a certain limitation to using the tcode FB08. SAP only allows you to reverse any existing open accounting document using FB08. In the other case, let’s say, you have one vendor invoice which is still open. Afterward, you make the payment to the vendor. The vendor payment document will clear the original vendor invoice document. This payment document will serve as the clearing document for the original vendor invoice.

This means that the vendor invoice is no more open for payment. It’s already paid out. Now, you realize that the payment document was not correct as some of the parameters given in the payment document were not complete. In this case, you may want to reverse the payment document. But, how to reverse it?

If you use FB08 in this case, the system will not allow you to reverse it as it is a clearing document. The only way to reverse such kind of accounting entries is by using FBRA tcode in SAP. The FBRA transaction is very simple to execute just like FB08. In this tutorial, I will be showing you the complete process on how you can reverse a clearing document.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Display already posted clearing documents

I have posted a vendor invoice document using tcode FB60 in SAP. It’s a normal vendor invoice (Document Type KR) where I have booked the expenses for $100. The document number for the vendor invoice is 1100014010, company code 1000, and fiscal year 2019.

Vendor Invoice FB60
Vendor Invoice

After creating this vendor invoice, I make a vendor payment via tcode F-53. As soon as I post a vendor payment of $100, it will automatically clear the original vendor invoice document 1100014010. The document type for vendor payment is KZ. I have used 12th October 2020 as the vendor payment date. So, the clearing will also take place on 12th October 2020.

Vendor Payment F-53
Vendor Payment

After making the vendor payment against the original vendor invoice, If I check the vendor balances in tcode FBL1N, then the system will show both the vendor invoice and the vendor payment documents as cleared. Enter the vendor code and company code in the selection screen of the FBL1N report. Also, select the CLEARED ITEMS radio button and enter the clearing date. In our example, the clearing date is 12th October 2020.

Vendor Line Item Display FBL1N
FBL1N – Vendor Line Item Display

Now, if you look closely both the vendor invoice and the vendor payment are shown as being cleared items and the clearing document is the vendor payment document number.

Vendor Cleared Items FBL1N
Vendor Cleared Items

Since this invoice is no more open and is already cleared, I cannot use the FB08 tcode in SAP to reverse it. Instead, I have to use the FBRA tcode in SAP to reverse the clearing documents.

FBRA tcode in SAP: Reverse the Clearing Document

Before I execute FBRA, I want to show you what happens when you try to reverse a clearing document in FB08. In FB08, after entering the clearing document number (In our case the vendor payment document), company code, and fiscal year, when you try to reverse it, the system will give you an error.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the system will throw an error that reversal is not possible as it contains clearing items.

FB08 - FBRA Tcode in SAP
FB08 Tcode

So, to reverse a clearing accounting document, execute the transaction FBRA. As soon as you execute it, you will see the initial screen. Enter the clearing document number, company code, and fiscal year. Press Enter.

FBRA Tcode in SAP - Initial Screen
FBRA Initial Screen

As soon as you press enter, the system will show you a pop-up with some selections. Here, you have an option to either reset the document or reset and reverse it. Only resetting means that the system will change the status of both the vendor invoice and vendor payment documents from Cleared to Open. There will not be any reversal entries posted for the vendor payment document.

In the other case, the system will reset the status as well as post the reversal entry of the vendor payment document.

FBRA tcode in SAP - Reversal of Clearing Document
Reversal of Clearing Document

In the next screen, you need to enter the reversal reason, which is a mandatory field. The posting date and posting period fields are optional and can be left blank. After entering these details, the system will show a pop-up stating that the document has been reset and will also show the reversal document number.

FBRA - Reversal Reason
Reversal Reason

After successfully executing the FBRA tcode in SAP, you can go back and execute the report FBL1N to check the status of the clearing document. It will not show the documents as being open in the system.

I hope you have liked this detailed tutorial on FBRA tcode in SAP. Please go through the other posts and stay tuned for more!!!


5 thoughts on “FBRA Tcode in SAP: Reverse a Clearing Document

  • Karenn Palomo

    Thank you, can it be done across fiscal years? For example, the invoice was cleared in 2020, but I want to execute FBRA in 2021?

    • Hi Karenn,

      Yes, it’s possible to reverse an accounting document from 2020 in the fiscal year 2021. In that case, while reversing the document, you need to use the Reversal Reason 02 (Reversal in Closed Period) and enter the posting date of the fiscal year 2021.

  • Hello,

    Can you please, tell me if in SAP exists any transaction dat gives you a list of cleared docs?
    What i mean is that, i have a clearing document and I want to see everything that was cleared with that number.

    I`ve seen on a vendor, that i have 3 lines with the same clearing doc, but in FB03 it`s showed only the last date with that clearing doc…

    • Hi Monica,

      You can use the following SAP standard report to display the list of clearing and cleared documents.

      FBL1N – Vendor Balances
      FBL5N – Customer Balances

      On the selection screen, you need to enter the customer/vendor code, company code and select the CLEARING ITEMS radio button to display only the cleared items.

  • Thanks for Sharing the Knowledge!

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