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CALL_FB08: FM to Reverse an Accounting Entry in FB08

Have you ever searched for the BAPI or FM to post the reversal accounting entry and still not found anything substantial? If yes, then this post is related to the same topic. Today, I will show you how you can use the Function Module or CALL_FB08 FM to reverse an accounting entry in FB08.

I’m sure when you googled it, you would have found a couple of BAPI’s. For example, BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_REV_POST and BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_REV_POST. But, if you try to reverse an accounting document using these BAPI’s, it gives an error. It is because accounting document reversal is not meant to be reversed by a BAPI. These BAPI’s can be used to reverse only those accounting documents that were posted using a BAPI itself, e.g., BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST.

If you have used BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to post any accounting entry in the system, then you can definitely use the reversal BAPI to post the reversal entry. But, if you post any Financial accounting document manually in the system, then these reversals BAPI’s will not work. In that case, you need to use the Function Module CALL_FB08.

CALL_FB08: FM to Reverse an Accounting Entry

Using the CALL_FB08 Function Module is fairly easy. It is very similar to executing the FB08 transaction. When you execute t-code FB08, you enter the document number, company code, fiscal year, and reversal reason. These details identify the accounting document to reverse.

Similarly, in the FM CALL_FB08, you define only these 4 fields. Without taking much time, let’s get right into it!

Step 1: Post the Accounting Document to be Reversed

First of all, you should have an existing accounting document that you want to reverse. If you don’t know how to post an accounting document in SAP, then you may go through this tutorial on F-02.

In this example, I have posted a customer invoice of $5000 using FB70. The document number is 1400000023, company code 1234, and fiscal year is 2021. I have used the current date, i.e., 26th April 2021 as the posting date.

Display the accounting document
Display the Accounting Document to be Reversed

Step 2: Execute the CALL_FB08 FM for FB08 Transaction in SE37

Once you have the accounting document with you, you can execute the t-code SE37 and enter the FM name CALL_FB08. Then, click on the ‘Execute‘ button given on the navigation bar.

Execute CALL_FB08 FM to reverse an accounting entry in SAP
Execute FM CALL_FB08 in SE37

Step 3: Enter the Details in FM to reverse an accounting entry

In this step, you need to enter the details of the accounting document to be reversed. The fields I_BUKRS, I_BELNR, I_GJAHR, and I_STGRD are mandatory and you must fill them in before executing the FM. The rest of the fields are optional and can be left blank. Please enter the following data in these fields:

  • I_BUKRS = Company Code
  • I_BELNR = Document Number to be Reversed
  • I_GJAHR = Fiscal Year of the Document to be Reversed
  • I_STGRD = Reversal Reason (Same as you mention on the FB08 selection screen)
Execute CALL_FB08 FM to reverse an accounting entry in SAP
Enter the Details

As can be seen in the screenshot above, I have given the company code 1234, document number 1400000023, the fiscal year 2021, and Reversal Reason 01 (Reversal in Current Period). If you want, you can also specify the posting date of the reversal document in the I_BUDAT field. If you keep it blank, then the system will automatically determine the posting date of the document to be reversed and use it as the posting date in the reversal document.

After entering these 4 fields, you can click on the ‘Execute‘ button to process the post the reversal accounting entry. You will get a notification of the reversal document number. In this example, the system has posted a reversal accounting document number 1600000092.

Execute CALL_FB08 FM to reverse an accounting entry in SAP
Execute the Function Module

Step 4: Display the Reversal Document in FB03

The last step is to display the reversal document that the system has posted. To display the reversal document, you can use the t-code FB03. Enter the reversal document number, company code, and fiscal year to display the reversal accounting entry.

Display the Reversal Document in FB03
Display the Reversal Document

You can also click on the ‘Header‘ button to display the header details of the reversal document. Here, you can find the original document number that has been reversed with this reversal document.

Display the Header Details
Display the Header Details

FM For FB08: FAQs

  1. What is the Function Module for FB08?

    The Function Module For FB08 is CALL_FB08.

  2. What is the BAPI for FB08?

    For document reversal using FB08, SAP do not recommend the use of BAPI. Instead, you should use the FM CALL_FB08.

  3. BAPI or FM for Reversal of Accounting Document?

    For any accounting document posted directly in FI, you can use the FM CALL_FB08. If you want to reverse the accounting document posted from BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST, then you can use BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_REV_POST.

That concludes this short tutorial on the CALL_FB08 FM to reverse an accounting entry in FB08. I hope you like it and please do share your feedback in the comment section. Until next time, ciao!!!